New DIRUM Publication

Tuesday 21 November 2017

Core Items for a Standardized Resource Use Measure (ISRUM): Expert Delphi Consensus Survey

Value in Health have recently published on line a new DIRUM-related publication entitled, "Core Items for a Standardised Resource Use Measure (ISRUM): Expert Delphi Consensus Survey". The premise of the study was to identify a minimum set of core resource use items for inclusion in a standardised instrument for UK health economic evaluation and this was achieved by inviting health economists in the UK to rate 60 resource use items taken from various measures in DIRUM. Each item was scores on a scale of 1 to 9 with higher values associated with greater importance. The survey was completed over two rounds by over 40 participants in each round and identified 10 core items for inclusion in a standardised instrument. These items included hospital admissions, outpatient visits and lengths of stay. Further items were identified as suitable for additional “bolt-on” questionnaire modules. These could include for example patient perspective items such as time off work and travel-to-care costs. 

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