Welcome to DIRUM

Welcome to DIRUM

Database of Instruments for Resource Use Measurement

DIRUM is an open-access database of resource-use questionnaires for use by health economists involved in trial-based economic evaluations. Funded by the Medical Research Council Network of Hubs for Trial Methodology Research, DIRUM offers a unique (and permanent) web address for each resource use measure for citation in papers and reports. DIRUM also provides a repository of methodological papers related to resource use and cost measurement.

Presentation on DIRUM

Recent Publications

Core Items for a Standardized Resource Use Measure (ISRUM): Expert Delphi Consensus Survey

Taxonomy for methods of resource use measurement

Resource-use measurement based on patient recall: issues and challenges for economic evaluation

Development of a database of instruments for resource-use measurement: purpose, feasibility and design


Recent Instruments

DIRUM contains 98 instruments. The most recently added are shown below:

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